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A MightyFine New Year!

Wishing you all a MightyFine New Year! Read on for our top tips from the MightyFine team to ward off the January winter blues.

Comfort food

Comfort food gets a bit of a bad press, I think we can all agree that comfort eating junk food or a whole box of doughnuts isn’t the way forward, but comfort food can encompass so many things. How about a fruity crumble or slow cooked seasonal stew?

Simply taking time to look after yourself & making your favourite hot drink, ideally curled up making plans for the year ahead is complete comfort.

Or baking a homemade pie (ideal for that left over turkey in the freezer) to share with family & friends. Anything warm & comforting counts. Yep it’s definitely time to reclaim the comfort, anyone who’s ever had a new year resolution to lose weight will agree the odd treat here & there helps to make it do-able. Check our recipe page for tons more foodie inspiration, including ways to get your vits.

Fresh Air

It’s pretty dark at this time of year, most of us aren’t getting enough daylight, let alone sunshine. The temptation is to hibernate until spring. You go to work & it’s dark & then come home in the dark, sound familiar? Our top tip is to put on ALL the clothes & get outside during daylight hours whenever you can.

Be it walking, 10 minutes round the block at lunchtime, a half hour here & there & if you can a longer walk at the weekend. Sporty types won’t need much encouragement to go out for a run or a cycle & neither will dog owners, but some of us need a gentle kick up the a*se. Even a bit of gardening is a great way of spending more time outside, digging, weeding & prepping beds for spring, which will be here before we know it.

Release your silly!

It’s a quiet time of year & perfect for setting aside time to do things you enjoy & look forward to & for planning the year ahead, invite some mates round for cocktails, we have plenty of recipes for cocktails & mocktails here. Book a ticket to go somewhere, plan to throw someone a party, get cooking & fill the freezer with tasty meals or plan your allotment & buy your seeds. Oh & buy a diary, a proper paper one where you can scribble down ideas, dates & plans.