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Botanical Flavour Bombs – Coxy’s Award Winning Shrubs

We won a whole raft of stars for Coxy’s products at this years Great Taste Awards, Coxy’s Elderflower & Honey liqueur won 3 stars ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Coxy’s Cherry Bomb won 1 star ⭐

And Coxy’s Faversham Raspberry Shrub & Coxy’s Spiced Damson Shrub both won 1 star each ⭐ ⭐. We were particularly proud of this as we hadn’t even launched them or got labels printed for them yet!

Shrub drinks are something we’ve been mixing at our bar events for years, with great feedback, so this year we decided to release Coxy’s Shrub cocktail syrups out into the drinks world & launch two new Coxy’s products.

So what is a Shrub?? Well in it’s most basic form it’s simply a drink that mixes vinegar, fruit & flavours, just trust us on this one, it’s not quite as weird as it sounds! Coxy’s Shrub mixes use Kent Apple Cider Vinegar, we then infuse whole local Faversham fruit into it & we let time plus a few natural ingredients create a botanical flavour bomb. Think of Coxy’s Shrub cocktail syrup mixes as a tangy cordial, you add a dash of shrub mix, plus ice & a mixer of your choice to enjoy as a soft drink, or add a cheeky shot of something boozy like Vodka or Coxy’s Pink Gin & you’ve got a refreshingly simple cocktail with a full, fruity & complex flavour.

So called ‘shrub’ drinks (also referred to as Switchels in America) have a long and ancient history, particularly in hot or humid countries where drinking something sweet & sour helps to relieve fatigue. The name is actually derived from ancient Arabic, but there’s references to farm labourers drinking ‘vinegar based’ drinks to cool down from around the globe. They were drunk in England as early as the 1600’s and later they became very popular in Colonial Era America where people struggled with the unfamiliar hot climate. Sailors drank them, to prevent disease & Scurvy & the anti-alcohol Temperance Movement of the 1800’s saw another resurgence in popularity.

They make fantastic fruity & interesting mocktails & they are becoming a bigger & bigger trend in bars & restaurants where mixologists & chefs love the complexity & depth of flavour that Shrub drinks have. The acidity makes them a great Aperitif, plus they can be used to replace bitters in a drink, making them very versatile & an essential behind any bar.