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Coxy’s Christmas Coxtails

Up to your baubles this Christmas? Give these simple drinks a go….
• A glass of sparkling wine with a dash of Festive Mulling Syrup is easy peasy
• Coxy’s Cherry Bomb, soda & ice, boom
• Serve any of our liqueurs over ice after dinner

Prepare in advance….
• We like an English twist on a Mojito, mix 1 shot Elderflower & Honey, 1 shot Rum, fresh lime juice, with lots of mint, top up with Elderflower tonic. You can pre-mix the alcohol with lime & just add tonic when you serve
• A jug of Mulled Cider, Apple Juice or Wine can be pre-mixed & left in the fridge to heat as needed. Just add a third of a bottle of our Festive Mulling Syrup to 1 bottle of wine (use a heavy wine like Shiraz, Merlot, Rioja) add a bit of clear lemonade to top up

Ok fancy pants, show that cocktail shaker your moves and impress your mates….
• Try mixing a Morello Cherry Negroni
• Make a Gin based cocktail, think Martini or Bees Knees, both work with any of Coxy’s Lavender, Pink Gin & Spiced Honey Gin
• Freestyle & create your own signature cocktail

Having a low or no-alcohol Christmas….
• Try a fruity Shrub drink, either use Coxy’s Shrub mix or a good quality fruit vinegar like Raspberry
• Mix with tonic, lemonade or Apple juice (of course we use Cox’s apple juice!) & ice for simple mocktails
• Or how about a dash of our Mulling syrup, topped with with your favourite mixer, apple juice, soda & tonic all work well

Twas the night before Christmas….
• A crisp Coxy’s G&T in front of the telly always works for us, try our limited edition Coxy’s Spiced Honey Gin & Fevertree tonic with a curl of orange peel & a sprig rosemary.
• Don’t forget to leave a glass of something for Santa!