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Coxy’s Got Great Taste!

This week we’ve been eagerly anticipating the 2018 Great Taste Awards, these awards are pretty much the Oscar’s of the food world. Overseen by The Guild of Fine Food they are judged by industry experts including chefs, food critics & food writers & winning is an industry recognised seal of approval based on taste not marketing.

We enter a selection of our products every year & this year we won not one but four Great Taste Awards!! Not only did we win, we won in style, Coxy’s Elderflower & Honey liqueur won the much coveted 3 star award, this is incredibly prestigious & notoriously difficult to win. Each year there are over 12,000 entries & of these less than 200 are awarded 3 stars. We were the only food & drinks business in Kent to win 3 stars. As you can imagine, we cracked a bottle open as soon as it was decent & toasted the hard working team behind our fab products.

To date we’ve won 9 Great Taste Awards & we are now officially a Great Taste Producer, we infuse locally grown whole fruit & local honey to achieve the depth of flavour in our products & we never take the easy option which would be artificial flavourings & short cuts, we’ll leave that to others & just keep on doing our own sweet MightyFine thing!

Two of this years award winners are brand new, so new in fact, they won’t be available to buy until September, whilst we await the packaging. The products are two types of Shrub drink mixes, or put simply drinks made with fruity vinegar. It’s an ancient thing, most countries with very hot climates have some variation of vinegar based drinks in their food culture. Why? Because when it’s hot the mix of sweet & sour in a long drink is the most refreshing & thirst quenching. But Shrub drinks are so much more than this, they make amazing bases for cocktails & mocktails & get top mixologists rather hot under the collar. Keep an eye on our social media for the launch of these exciting newbies in Faversham Raspberry & Spiced Damson flavours.

MightyFine Great Taste Award winners

Coxy’s Elderflower & Honey liqueur ⭐⭐⭐
Coxy’s Cherry Bomb ⭐
Coxy’s Kentish Raspberry Shrub ⭐
Coxy’s Spiced Damson Shrub ⭐

MightyFineThings Faversham Damson Vinegar ⭐⭐
Coxy’s Blackcurrant & Liquorice liqueur ⭐
MightyFineThings Figs in Kent Honey & Brandy ⭐

MightyFineThings Faversham Raspberry Vinegar
MightyFineThings Ginger Sweet Chilli & Honey Sauce

Here’s what the judges said about Coxy’s Elderflower & Honey Liqueur

“A perfect summer drink”

”Lovely aromas of muscat, Elderflower & lychee”

”Honey gives a beautiful texture & mouthfeel & a lingering, very pleasant sweetness”