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DIY Rhubarb Gin

If we had a pound for every time someone asked if we have any Rhubarb Gin, Vodka or Liqueur….

Here’s the thing, we’ve been infusing alcohol with real whole fruit for a number of years now & what happens to real, whole Rhubarb when it’s infused into a spirit & then stored is it oxidises. Meaning that beautiful pink colour becomes a murky brown & although it still tastes great, it doesn’t meet our high standards. Add to this the fact that in Kent there’s actually not much commercially grown Rhubarb available & you’ll understand why we don’t make it. Other producers may use Rhubarb essences or flavoured syrups along with a little colour to get the results, but that’s not for us.

But hey, making your own at home is so easy, why not give it whirl? Simply follow the very quick & easy method, store your booze away to infuse & in a few weeks you’ll have Rhubarb Gin to mix into summer cocktails or drink with ginger ale & a sprig of mint.

You will need…
A large Kilner jar
1 Kilo Rhubarb (for very pink Gin use early young stems of forced Rhubarb)
1 Litre Gin or Vodka, if you have a dusty bottle lurking at the back use that, if buying specially, only buy what you would actually want to drink, it’s a good rule of thumb to go by with this & generally when using alcohol in cooking too.
100g Sugar
Optional extras; a flavouring for instance Root Ginger or a split Vanilla pod

Simply top & tail & wash the Rhubarb, roughly chop or smash it up a little & add to the Kilner jar with the sugar (if adding an extra flavour add this now), macerate for 20 minutes or so, then add the Gin or Vodka, seal the jar & give it a good shake, then leave to infuse. You can check it occasionally, give it a shake, a taste, smell. Use your judgement on it, the longer you can leave it to infuse the fuller the flavour, but we are impatient sometimes, 4 -6 weeks should do it. Add more sugar if you want more of a Liqueur to drink straight over ice. Finally strain, bottle, label & enjoy.