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Doing A Delia – After Hours Food Club

We love a good book – especially one that’s full of recipes/ food p*** – so, in association with Jane Beedle from The Bake Off, we’ve decided to launch a ‘The After Hours Food Club’ and invite fellow food/ cookbook lovers to join us and talk/ try all things food and drink.

Our first meet up is on Tuesday 22/10/19 7.30-9.30 Monkshill Farm, Monkshill Road, Faversham, ME13 9EH and is open to everyone.  To kick us off we have gone with a Delia Smith theme, to celebrate 50 years of fabulous food writing. Whatever your opinion of her you’ve probably tried a couple of her recipes and, if you’re of a certain age, can probably remember her on Swap Shop…

The aim is to bring together like minded people to inspire community, shared eating experiences, conversations, stories, learning & skill sharing around food, with guest hosts & demos.

We want this to be accessible & inclusive, this is not a competition & you don’t need to buy a particular book, there are a whole host of classic Delia recipes available online.

If you want to please do, ‘do a Delia’ & make something Delia inspired to bring & share, or alternatively if you are busy or don’t feel like cooking, just bring yourself, we’d love to see you! £5 booking includes a drink.

To join us book your place here.