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Feeling Fruity

We are all about creating fruity flavours at Mighty Fine Things, it seems natural for a business based in the Garden of England and surrounded by fruit growers to champion local farmers and their fruit. Our fruit vinegars are some of our favourite products, we love them and the Great Taste Awards we won for them in 2016 and 2017 prove they taste awesome.

Great, except what do you do with with a fruit vinegar huh? It tasted so good when you tried it, you sprinkled a bit over some lettuce for dinner the day you bought it, but now the bottle is sitting at the back of the cupboard, unused, gathering dust. Sounds like you right? There’s a whole world of ideas for using fruit vinegars and together we can explore it.

So first of all let’s talk about salad, it’s the obvious use, all Mighty Fine Things vinegars can be used simply drizzled over salad leaves with or without oil for a simple, quick and tasty dressing. The Faversham Damson vinegar and Faversham Raspberry vinegar with their sweet fruity flavours are amazingly good on peppery or bitter leaves like rocket or chicory for a nice contrast. Whilst the Apple & Honey Spiced Balsamic vinegar and the Wild Elderflower vinegar make the best vinaigrette’s.

Another easy way to serve our range of vinegars is mixed with some really good quality oil, cold pressed rapeseed oil or extra virgin olive oil, in a bowl on the middle of the table with some good sourdough or baguette as a quick pre-dinner appetiser.

Feeling a bit more adventurous? How about chopping some chunky mixed veg for roasting and dousing it with Apple & Honey Spiced Balsamic first, think sweet roots like parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, onions and carrots in winter and fennel, red peppers, cherry tomatoes and whole garlic cloves in summer.

At Mighty Fine Things we love a Sunday roast and use our vinegars to deglaze our roasting tin to make the most awesome gravies and jus. Once your meat (or veg) has roasted, remove from the tin and set aside to rest. Pour in a liberal amount of one of our fruity vinegars and place the tin over the heat scraping away at all the caramelised bits of roast, these are full of flavour and with the meat juices and fruity vinegar flavours will make the best ever gravy. Allow to simmer to reduce and thicken and check the seasoning. The Faversham Damson vinegar is a natural partner for game birds and Venison, whilst the Apple & Honey Spiced Balsamic is great for chicken, beef, slow roast onions and shallots.

Our most exciting new discovery is using our vinegar range in drinks, bear with me, it’s not as weird as it sounds. So called ‘shrub’ drinks (drinks that mix vinegar, water and flavours) have a long and ancient history, particularly in hot or humid countries where drinking something sour helps to relieve fatigue. There are tons of variations you could try, but mixing our Faversham Damson vinegar with local Apple juice over ice is simply the best non-alcoholic drink. Faversham Raspberry vinegar with tonic and lime comes a close second.