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Fuzzy buzzing buddies

Here at Mighty Fine Things we love to big up the bees, we use lots of locally produced Kent honey in tons of our products and the rich sweet flavour really can’t be beaten. But bees are not just for honey, bees are for life, they are nature’s pollinators, moving from flower to flower dropping pollen as they go, enabling fruit, flowers and some veg to grow. Bees are our fuzzy buzzing little buddies essential for life.

There are about 250 species of bees native to the UK all doing their pollinating thing, but there is only one type of Honeybee. Domesticated over centuries by skilled beekeepers, their are very few truly wild hives left out there. Honeybees are super social, organised and live in hives of up to 60,000, you’d have to be organised with that many neighbours!

Every individual bee has a role, most of the colony are worker bees (mainly female, just saying) who’s jobs involve going out and collecting nectar and pollen from flowers to feed themselves and the larvae in the hive. They also do all the comb building in the hive and defend the hive, busy bees. Bees need dense areas of flowers in the area around the hive, typically travelling a couple of miles a day, it’s essential they find enough food in their surroundings.

Bees love feeding on wild flowers, on herbs, in orchards, in trees and in your back garden. If you have room for a tree they are particularly partial to Wild Cherry, Willow, Hazel, Damson and Almond trees. They love Sage, Thyme, Nepeta and Lavender which are easy to grow and useful herbs to have in your garden, tubs or window boxes.

The most important thing we can all do is to stop using pesticides in our gardens and try bee friendly green alternatives instead, good for the bees, good for everyone. Next fill your garden with plants that bees love and encourage wild flowers (some people call them weeds, but not us!) into your outdoor spaces. Check out the RHS website for loads more bee friendly plants and ideas.

Big up the Bees!!