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Good Mixers

Inspired by the wealth of craft brewing, local cider & vineyards in Kent, we’ve been experimenting with alternative mixers in cocktails. Awesome cocktails are simple to make at home, you don’t need tons of fancy ingredients, use what you have, be that beer, cider or wine. Then take your drinks to the next level with a shot of Coxy’s for a mouth watering flavour injection, here’s our faves…

Choose heavily hopped styles, IPA’s, hazy wheat beers, citrusy craft beers, or play it safe with a lager, avoid using heavy stouts or porter unless making a twist on an espresso martini (in which case these are fab). Play around with different combinations.

Ginger Shandy
Shake ice, juice of a lemon & a shot of Coxy’s Ginger & Honey, top up with a light hoppy beer, this is also amazing & completely different made with still cider

Morello Monaco
Add a shot of Coxy’s Morello Liqueur over ice, half fill the glass with an IPA & top up with San Pelligrino Blood Orange or Lemon

Hoppy Mojito
Use a tall glass, muddle some fresh mint, lime juice & sugar in the bottle, add crushed ice, a shot of Coxy’s Elderflower & Honey Liqueur & top up with beer

Ciders vary so much in flavour, sweetness, still or sparkling, our best advice is to stick with a dry or medium cider, steer clear of sweet cider when mixing cocktails as these loose their balance of flavours.

Damson & Cider
At this time of year we like to mix our Damson Shrub with apple juice for a non-alcoholic mocktail, for something harder pour a shot of Damson Shrub over ice & top up with a good local British Cider.

Mulled Cider
What Winter was made for, simply mix our Mulling syrup with a good local cider, add a cheeky shot of Brandy to turbo charge it.

So much choice here, from simple Spritzes made with a light sparkling wine, through to Rose wines & Reds & as it gets colder Mulled Wine with Cherry Brandy.

A Seasonal Spritz

A shot of Cherry Bomb topped up with Sparkling wine

Twisted Sangria

Red wine, we recommend Shiraz or Rioja, with a shot or Coxy’s Raspberry & Rose & topped up with soda water.