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It’s the dogs

Historically a cockentrice is a dish consisting of the upper body of a suckling pig sewn onto a capon and never ones to slavishly follow tradition we’ve adapted it for our new liqueur labelling for an exclusive range of flavours.

Our cockentrice is a drawing of our much loved and missed Jack Russell Minstrel placed on the body of prancing Kentish horse! Minstrel immortalised and our new great Kentish liqueur flavours wrapped in cool new clothes!

Coxy’s Kentish Liqueurs are driven by our desire to deliver something reassuringly familiar with an unusual and satisfying twist to pack a flavour punch. The unique combos compliment and give layers of flavour drawing out the best from the Kentish fruit and honey.

Great in cocktails, on their own over ice, better with friends. And better friends make it even better!