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Pimp my Xmas

Here’s our top cheats for pimping up your festivities this Christmas….

• Add some grated orange zest & a dash of Raspberry Vinegar to a jar of cranberry sauce, or follow our easy recipe here
• Add a bit of heat into your Christmas lunch & roast your parsnips in Sweet Chilli & Honey sauce or even use it to glaze your ham
• We’ve heard Marmite coated sprouts are a thing this year!
• Add a dash of our Apple & Honey Spiced Balsamic and a dollop of our Kent Honey & Cider Mustard for the ultimate tasty gravy

Cheeseboard & Nibbles
• Pimp your Christmas cheeseboard with a jar of our Nuts in Spiced Kentish Honey
• Coat your cocktail sausages in a mix of MightyFine Kent Honey & Mustard & bake till sticky
• We like pimped up sausage rolls, make them with Sweet Chilli sauce, freeze & bake as needed, find our recipe here

Sweet Things
• Add some Figs in Kent Honey & Brandy to jazz up mincemeat, see our cheaty recipe
• Try making our super quick MightyFine Mess, it’s a quick to put together Christmas pudding that will impress!
• Roast some strawberries with balsamic vinegar & serve with good quality ice cream
• Spiced boozy bannnas, roast with rum, spices & honey
• Or skip pudding & make a beeline for the Coxy’s liqueurs

• Add a dash of the Fig & Honey Brandy to some sparkling wine for Christmas Day Bellini’s
• Use our Festive Mulling Syrup, Shiraz or Merlot & clear lemonade & make up a jug of homemade mulled wine. Leave it in the fridge, it will keep for about a week, you can heat mug fulls as needed

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