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Pimp Your Cheese!

Our top tips for pimping your cheese MightyFineThings style

• A mature cheddar toastie is good, but add a generous dash of our Original Sweet Chilli & Honey Sauce  into it & it’s bloomin amazing!

• Crumbly Wensleydale & our Nuts in Spiced Kent Honey is a great combo, or try them over a rich thick heap of mascarpone or extra thick yoghurt for a simple pudding.

• We love to dress a salad with our Raspberry Vinegar, add some soft goats log & rocket, we like to eat it with some Peter’s Yard sourdough crackers, yum!

• Another of our favourites is our recipe for posh cheese on toast, a spread of our whole grain Kent Cider & Honey mustard hides under the melted cheese & quick caramelised pears sit on top, just use your favourite cheese.

• We like our Spiced Kent Honey with pretty much any cheese, soft goats cheese, hard strong cheese like Pecorino, Parmesan or Old Winchester or drizzled over homemade feta cheese scones.

• And how about soft cheese & sweet chilli, whip up a quick dip with cream cheese & sweet chilli sauce & eat with crunchy carrot sticks, or add a little to some soft cheese on a cracker or baby gem leaf for simple snacks & canapés.

Melted cheese?

• Try a homemade Raclette, this is a nutty tasting Alpine cheese that melts to perfection, the whole side of the cheese is melted & then the molten cheese is piled on to steaming hot potatoes, but we ask our cheesemonger to slice some thinly & melt it under the grill over potatoes, then serve with cornichorns & salami.

• If you are feeling decadent then try a whole baked cheese, either a Camembert or a seasonal Vacherin Mont d’Or to share (think of this like Camembert’s decadent cousin), this seasonal cheese is only available in winter, it’s creamy, rich & delicious to dip into with bread. Simply poke in a few cloves of garlic & a sprig of rosemary, then bake for 15-20 minutes until molten!

• Got lots of random little pieces of cheese filling up the fridge? Grate it all & make a topping for a bake like mac n’ cheese, pasta bake or moussaka, add some breadcrumbs (if you have stale bread) to make it extra crispy.

• Or if you have lots of cheese, try making a homemade fondue, we find adding some cornflour helps to make it extra silky. Or try making cheese straws, these are a tasty way of using up bits of cheese & offcuts of pastry.