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Reduce, reuse….then recycle

In partnership with Macknade Fine Foods we’ve introduced a few changes to our MightyFine Fresh To Go range of dips & salads. You can now bring your own reusable container to fill up with MightyFine goodness at the deli counter & the prices are reducing too because of this! If you forget your container the deli have re-usable plastic pots you can buy at 25p each. Both we & Macknade want to offer a sustainable shopping experience, so as well as your tubs don’t forget to pack your re-useable shopper bag because Macknade has become a plastic bag free shop!

Running a business that’s as ethically sound & sustainable as we can make it is at the heart of what we do. We are anti wastage, be it food (read about how Fresh To Go helps with this here) or packaging, so we looked a little deeper into what happens to our packaging once it’s been collected for recycling by our local authority & we’ve made some changes in response to this.

Currently there is no facility in Kent for composting the eco-tubs we had been using. So in partnership with Macknade we’ve decided to revert back to recyclable plastic tubs, the kind you can wash out & keep re-using & eventually put in your recycling. As soon as an alternative becomes available we will review the situation. In the future we would love to see a joined up recycling system for Kent, like the great example we read about in Scotland.