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Say no to Plastic

Faversham in Kent is a great place to live for all kinds of reasons, we have a proper weekly market, loads of pretty historic buildings, you can get a really good cup of coffee or a decent pint & we are surrounded by farms, orchards & beautiful countryside. But what really makes this a special place is the people, friendly, inspiring, creative people.

A group of local residents set up a campaign in February to challenge the whole of the town to Say no to Plastic for an entire week. Aimed at businesses and consumers alike, it brought awareness & the dawning realisation that so much is wrapped in plastic we literally have a plastic mountain to climb to create change on a worldwide scale. It was also educational, showing us there’s tons of easy ways to make changes to cut down on plastics in our everyday lives and the positive message that small changes can have big impacts.

Here at Might Fine Things we already try and make decisions keeping the environment and the footprint we leave on it in mind. But there’s more we could do, so as part of the Say no to Plastic campaign we pledged to switch from single use plastic to glass on our stalls, to use only recyclable paper cups for drinks at events, we already ditched the plastic straws in favour of paper a few years back. For us this is just the start and we are constantly re-evaluating how we can do things better.

Chatting with the campaign team at the market one sunny Saturday in February I discovered lots of very do-able ways to make small changes;

• Buy a funky reusable cloth bag and get into the habit of taking it out and about with you.
• Change your shopping habits slightly, try and shop more in shops where you know you can buy things with less or no packaging (for instance bread, fruit & veg in paper bags) or take your own container (butchers, deli’s, cheese shops, fishmongers) this is tied up in the idea of remembering, creating positive new habits & planning your weekly meals.
• Stop buying over packaged items, for instance in the past week I have seen apples packaged in a plastic tube and avocados packaged in a polystyrene tray inside a plastic wrap, I changed my mind and bought something else being sold loose instead.
• There is such a thing as reusable food wrap, it’s made from beeswax coated fabric and is washable, it’s good for wrapping all sorts of food, from sandwiches to chunks of cheese, who knew? You can find some here.
• Be vocal, make your views known be it through campaigns, petitions or direct action, if the government and companies realise the public says no to plastic then policy and businesses will start to change
• Recycle what you can, sometimes packaging is inescapable, don’t beat yourself up, recycle it or re-use it where possible.