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Super quick and easy Sweet Chilli Sauce - using Honey!

Super quick and super easy our sweet chilli recipe uses honey to give a well-balanced sweetness, less cloying than shop bought. Full of flavour and mild to allow all the flavour to come through.

 For more heat add more chillies!


3 large chillies or more smaller ones. Take off the stems. Leave the seeds to add heat! Or just add more chillies.

A small finger of ginger. Don’t worry about peeling it.

About 40g of honey. This can be set or runny. Try to avoid ones with a strong floral flavour!

3 cloves of garlic, peeled.

300g of sugar.

250ml of cider vinegar or rice wine vinegar.

1 tspn of salt and 1 tblspn of cornflour.



Blitz the chillies, garlic and ginger and add to pan. Add the honey and stir in the cider vinegar. Heat gently until the honey has dissolved.

Add the sugar and salt and increase the heat until the sugar has dissolved and then simmer for 30mins.

Using a little warm water or some liquid from the pan mix the cornflour and pour into the pan. Allow to simmer for another 10mins.

Sterilize a kilner jar or two and then pour the hot mixture in the jars and seal up. Store in the fridge when cool.