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The C-Word Is Sorted!

Want to enjoy a lazy Festive Season? say yes to every invite? eat, drink & make merry? spend time with friends & family & still have amazing homemade gifts to impress? Us too! Follow our guide, it’s for all you idlers out there, put in just a little work within the next few weeks, then kick back & feel smug. The C word (chrismas) is sorted!

Here at MightFine HQ Christmas can get rather hectic, so we plan ahead, there is no better time of year than late summer & early autumn to bottle & preserve the flavour of the fruits that are everywhere. Both MightyFineThings & Coxy’s Kent liqueurs were born out of a love of preserving the diverse flavours of the seasons and the produce around us – and a lack of desire to stand over a hot stove all day. Our products have all been developed with both flavour & ease in mind. Let time do the work for you! Here is our lazy foodies guide to making Christmas gifts.

Make a Fruit Liqueur

Fruit and in particular soft fruit is ideal for making liqueurs, these are low input, high in taste and work brilliantly in cocktails or simply over ice. Just decide on a flavour, Sloes, Raspberries & Damsons all work well with Gin, Strawberries, Blackberries, Lemon & Orange with Vodka and Cherries, Plums & Damson fruit are amazing with Brandy.

You will need
Fruit (raspberries, cherries, plums, damsons, figs, blackberries, sloes, strawberries, orange, lemon all work well)
A clean bottle or two with a properly fitting lid
Alcohol (a bottle or two of Gin, Vodka, Brandy or Rum)
Smaller bottles (to decant into in December)
Gift tags or stickers (to label the contents & to personalise your gift)

Place your fruit of choice into a bottle about ½ the way up and then top up with your alcohol of choice.
Tightly seal the cap, make a note of what is in the bottle & the date.
Store away in a cool dark place until December.
Taste what you’ve made, you can add a few sugarcubes & shake to dissolve them, but it’s up to you, Gin doesn’t need to be sweet, plus most mixers are very sweet.
In December strain off the alcohol and pour what is now a fruit liqueur into smaller bottles.
Add nice labels to what you’ve made.

Keep the fruit you strain off as this will taste amazing too. Think Figs or Cherries in Brandy or Summer Berries in Rum, these can be used in tarts or over ice cream. Put the fruit into clean jam jars and add enough of the liqueur to cover, seal & label. These can also be given as gifts.

Make a Fruit Vinegar

The method is exactly the same for making Fruit vinegars, just replace the alcohol with either Cider vinegar or White Wine vinegar. Never use Malt vinegar. Steer clear of citrus fruit, go for robust sweet flavours like Damson, Plums, Cherries, Raspberries or Blackberries. Let the fruit sit in the alcohol for a few months before straining, discarding the fruit & bottling the fruit vinegars.

You will find lots more serving suggestions, recipes & cocktails on our MightyFine website.