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The Vinegar Diaries

We like our salads well dressed, preferably in something sexy! Pimp those leaves all year long with homemade herb & fruit & flower vinegars. They are an ancient way of preserving flavours for later in the year, yet remain completely essential & relevant in the modern kitchen too.

Right now is a great time to make your own Spring flavoured vinegars, while we wait for the summer crops to grow, try making an easy Chive or Elderflower vinegar. This is the kind of preserving that’s perfect for lazy foodies, no slaving over a hot pan needed! Simply pick your flowers, buy a decent vinegar, we like to use raw apple cider vinegar or a good white wine vinegar. Using a clean bottle or large Kilner jar, add your flowers & cover with the vinegar. Chive flowers given time will turn the vinegar a vivid pink colour, whilst Elderflower heads will create a heady fragrant vinegar that infuses extra quick if left on a sunny windowsill. Once the flavour has been infused into the vinegar the blooms can be lifted out & composted.

Mid-summer is the time to pick green herbs, tarragon, dill, rosemary & for the bold, lovage or lavender all create amazing & useful vinegars.

Later in the year we harness the deep fruit flavours of raspberries & damsons to create vinegars for salad dressings & Shrub drinking vinegars to add to soda & cocktails for refreshingly grown up drinks. It’s the same simple principle, good ingredients & time do the work for you. Creating bursts of flavour to add accents to your food & drinks to enjoy all through autumn & winter.

Check out our Great Taste award winning range of Shrubs & Vinegars Shrubs & Vinegars, hopefully these will inspire you to give your own a whirl!