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Wasted Kitchen

Welcome to •Wasted Kitchen•  we’ve christened our ‘fresh’ range with a name & a new logo too & we’ll be at Best of Faversham this Saturday with our new range of products & tasters for you to try!

So what’s it all about? Wasted Kitchen is us making Good Food, from scratch with fresh and store cupboard ingredients, minimal packaging & minimal waste.

This week we have;

Pink Pickled Onion – red onions sliced and pickled in a brine with cider vinegar & Juniper berries – Scandi in style, beautiful to look at.  Great with smoked salmon, meats and cheeses.  We love them with egg mayo on Peters Yard crispbreads.

Pickled Mustard Seeds – mustard ‘caviar’ these little seeds have a mild bite and burst to the bite (a bit like caviar). Great with meats, cheeses, pates and in sauces.  Cuts through anything fatty.  Made with cider vInegar and Kent Honey

Kentish Cobnut Dukkah & Pistachio Dukkah – addictive blends of nuts and roast spices.  Sprinkle on your salads or dips (amazing with hummous), dip with olive oil, coat meat, fish or veg.  You’ll pretty much want to put it on everything…

Dark Chocolate, Nut & Honey Spread – so we had nuts and chocolate left over from Christmas production – and we thought we’d give it a go.  It was so the right thing to do.  Little pots of super rich loveliness that you won’t want to share.

All in glass jars that we’re happy to take back (clean obvs!).

Come say hi & try something delicious!