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Coxy’s Hot Toddy

This is the perfect pick me up on a cold winter’s day, ideal as a warming homemade cold remedy or a tasty hot alcoholic drink. The lemon provides a much needed boost of Vitamin C, the honey is both antibacterial & soothing to sore throats and Coxy’s Ginger & Honey liqueur is full of lovely warm & spicy flavours.

Makes 1
1tsp MightyFineThings Spiced Kent Honey
50ml Coxy’s Ginger & Honey Liqueur
Juice of half a lemon, plus a slice to garnish
2 cloves or 1 star anise
½ cinnamon stick
Freshly boiled hot water

Place all you ingredients in a mug or heat proof glass and top up with hot water (not boiling) stir well, add more honey or lemon to taste. For a stronger pick me up, add 25ml of Scotch single malt whisky to your toddy.