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Coxy’s Kent Cup

Fruit or Summer cups were a Victorian invention that are as much a part of a classic British summer as Wimbledon, sunburn & kids covered ice cream. The fruit cup was designed to be a long alcoholic drink, usually made with a gin base, fruit liqueurs & bittersweet flavours, a good one should be refreshing, fruity, herbal & slightly sharp. Think of an English country garden in bloom in full summer & you get the idea. The most famous & enduring of this Victorian phenomenon was invented back in 1823 by one James Pimm, but many other manufacturers have turned their hand to blending the perfect Summer Cup over the years. For fellow drinks geek Felicity Cloake has written a useful guide to homemade Cups, which you can read here.

We’ve concocted a Coxy’s Kent Summer Cup, it’s well worth trying to make your own & nice & refreshing if you find the shop bought mixes too sweet.

Ingredients (makes 1 glass)
25ml Coxy’s Plum & Cardomom liqueur
25ml Coxy’s Raspberry & Rose liqueur
25ml Coxy’s Lavender Gin
Lemonade to taste (ideally clear Lemonade, cloudy will work although it makes the cocktail much more acidic)
Paper Straw

To Garnish
Strawberries halved
Cucumber slices
Slice of lemon
Sprig of mint
Edible flowers like Borage (if you are a keen gardener)

Into a tall glass with a handful of ice in, add the shots of liqueur & gin, top up with lemonade, give it a quick mix around with the straw before adding half a hulled strawberry, cucumber & lemon slices and a sprig of fresh mint. Enjoy under a parasol in the sun.