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Coxy’s Minstrel

Our take on a Greyhound cocktail, named in honour of our Jack Russell, Minstrel, gone but not forgotten, he features on our Coxy’s logo. This cocktail is floral, bitter sweet & grown up, use freshly squeezed juice, it makes all the difference to the flavours.

Makes 1
50ml Coxy’s Lavender Gin
150ml Fresh White Grapefruit juice, freshly squeezed
Squeeze of lemon juice plus a slice of lemon
Golden caster sugar

Firstly prepare your coupe glass with the sugar rim by cutting a slice of lemon in half and making a cut into the middle of the lemon, this will sit on the rim of your glass and you can draw it all the way round to moisten the glass. Keep the lemon to garnish. Place some golden caster sugar in a bowl or on a saucer and stand the rim of your glass in it, make sure to coat it well all round. This needs to be done just before serving as the sugar will dissolve if left. Now for the cocktail, into a cocktail shaker add a handful of ice, the Coxy’s Lavender Gin, a good squeeze of lemon & the freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, shake well.

Strain into the coupe glass.