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Coxy’s Quince Coxtail

Our chief flavour maker Coxy designed this delicious Coxtail whilst experimenting in the kitchen with our Quince syrup recipe. Quince fruit is unique, exotic smelling, rock hard & knobbly, inedible raw but turns a beautiful pink colour when cooked. It’s also an autumn fruit with a short season of availability, only buy fruits that smell fragrant (like a mix of roses & pears), under ripe fruit just doesn’t have the same flavour.

The combination of Coxy’s Cherry Brandy & Quince was a bit of a revelation, we’ve paired it in this coxtail with Elderflower tonic for another layer of complex flavours, but Champagne would be rather lovely here too. Coxy’s Quince Coxtail, try saying that when you’ve had a few! Follow our recipe for poached Quince, it’s very easy & you end up with Quince syrup to make cocktails plus tender pink fruit to eat too!

Makes 1

50ml Coxy’s Cherry Brandy
50ml Quince Syrup
Elderflower Tonic
Slice of Lemon

Shake the Coxy’s Cherry Brandy & Quince syrup over ice in a cocktail shaker & pour into a chilled glass, top up slowly with elderflower tonic so you get a nice colour contrast in the glass, add a slice of lemon & a paper straw, stir to combine.

For a non-alcoholic Mocktail version, use Cox’s Apple Juice instead of Cherry Brandy.