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Coxy’s Spiced Apple Collins

We got pretty tipsy road testing this recipe until it was just how we wanted it, we hope you appreciate the lengths we got to here at Coxy’s HQ! We used Aquafaba (also known as Chickpea water) here because we had some to hand, but you could just use classic egg white.

Makes 1

25ml Coxy’s Spiced Honey Gin
25ml White Vermouth
25ml Apple juice (use a cloudy variety like Cox)
25ml Mulling Syrup (this is a great way to use up a bottle left over from Christmas)
25ml Aquafaba
Fresh or dried apple slices

Shake all the ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker (give it some oomph, the more you shake the better the foam top will look). Pour into a glass & garnish with an apple slice.