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Elderflower Muddle

Strawberries & Elderflowers are the taste of a Kentish summer, the local Faversham strawberries are ripe, sweet & juicy right now, so we crushed a few up into a purée & froze it into a giant ice cube, use a regular ice cube tray if you don’t have a round ice cube mould. This cocktail is designed to be drunk slowly because it gets more delicious as the ice cubes melt.

Makes 1
50ml Coxy’s Elderflower & Honey liqueur
1 or 2 Strawberry purée ice cubes
Tonic water (or lemonade for a sweeter drink)
Sprig mint

Pop you ice cubes in a tall glass, add a double shot of Coxy’s Elderflower & Honey liqueur & top up with tonic or lemonade to taste, add a paper straw, a sprig of mint & give it a mix. As the ice cubes melt your drink will turn pink.