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Kent Bramble

Our seasonal late summer fruity Raspberry & Rose take on a boozy British berry based classic, fragrant, sharp & sweet & just a little bit lethal!

If you have time forage some Blackberries & try making a Blackberry Liqueur, Gin or Vodka works best, leave to it infuse for a few months, before straining & sweetening to taste. Check out our blog on easy seasonal gifts, for the full details on making super simple homemade liqueurs click here

Makes 1
50ml Coxy’s Lavender Gin or Coxy’s Pink Gin No.1
25ml Fresh Lemon juice
50ml Coxy’s Raspberry & Rose Liqueur
Crushed Ice
Slice of Lemon and a few frozen berries to garnish

Shake the gin & lemon well in a cocktail shaker, then pour over the crushed ice into a short glass, lastly slowly pour Coxy’s Raspberry & Rose Liqueur over the top so you get a nice separation of colours, garnish with a slice of lemon and some frozen berries.