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MFT Sweet Chilli & Honey Sausage Rolls

Let’s face it… most people love a sausage roll!  We know this because every time we do a food festival or farmers market and Mr MFT goes looking for one for lunch they are sold out.  Easy to make at home these sausage rolls have an extra kick from our Honey & Sweet Chilli Sauce!  They’re also good freezer food.

First off mix a quarter to a third of a bottle of sauce into about 300g of sausage meat (clean hands and a big bowl are good for this).Put half of it down one side of a sheet of shop bought pastry, the other down the other side, cut the pastry down the middle, brush some egg on, roll the other side of the pastry over and pinch to seal.  Slash the rolls at an angle every 3cm or so, cut them to the size you want (cocktail, regular, super-size) – then pop them in a bag and freeze (or bake at 160 for 25 minutes or until they look done…).  The idea is usually to freeze – and a few always slip into the oven… and then on to a plate… and so on.

If you do manage to get any to the freezer then cook them from frozen at 160 for 40 minutes.