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More Tea Vicar?

Partial to a little nip of Gin in a tea cup? Well now you can have the best of both, we bring you Coxy’s Lavender Gin & Earl Grey Iced Tea. Sweetened naturally with our Spiced Kent Honey, just make a batch of the tea in a jug in the morning & leave to cool, then pop in the fridge, by the time your guests arrive it will be ice cold & ready to mix with the hard stuff!

For the tea infusion (enough for 3 coxtails)
6 tsp Loose Leaf Earl Grey (or roughly 4 bags)
600ml boiling water
6 tsp Spiced Kent Honey
1 Sprig Mint
Juice ½ Lemon

Simply measure the tea leave & honey into a jug & pour over 600mls boiling water, add the mint & lemon juice & give it a good stir to make sure the honey melts. Allow to brew for 4 minutes, set a timer as over-brewed tea just tastes bitter. After 4 minutes strain the tea into another jug, cover with a tea saucer & allow to cool. Taste the tea at this point & add more sugar or honey to taste. As soon as it reaches room temperature, chill the jug in the fridge until needed.

For the Coxtail
50ml Coxy’s Lavender Gin
200ml Iced tea infusion
Slice Lemon
Sprig of Mint

Method (makes 1)
Take a high ball glass & add some ice, pour over 50ml Coxy’s Lavender Gin, add the slice of lemon & the sprig of mint & top up with 200ml of the Iced Tea infusion, give it a quick stir with a paper straw & enjoy. For a delicious mocktail or if you have a sweet tooth just add 50ml of local cloudy apple juice.