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Pimped Up Mince Pies

Dust off your pastry cutters, find your rolling pin, get your pinny on & pimp your mince pies using our MightyFine Figs in Kent Honey & Brandy. Although we’d like to we simply never have time to make mincemeat from scratch, so this recipe pimps up an average shop bought jar. Make or buy the pastry, we know life gets a little crazy at this time of year & we wouldn’t judge you!

Make these, then freeze them raw in the tin with the egg wash on, once frozen turn out into a Tupperware, it’s great to have a stash of homemade pies to quickly bake when you need them. Simply pop them back into the tin & bake. We recommend some kitsch Christmas music & a glass of our seasonal Fig & Honey Spritz on hand whilst you bake.

Makes 12

1 block shop bought short crust or 1 batch homemade pastry
300g Mincemeat
100g MightyFine Figs in Kent Honey & Brandy, chopped
40g Walnuts, broken into pieces
4 tbsp Brandy from the MightyFine Fig jar
1 egg, to wash
Oil, to grease tin
Icing sugar, to dust

Preheat oven to 180 C
Using a pastry brush & a little oil grease your mince pie/muffin tin & dust off your pastry cutters, a star looks pretty on top. Then into a mixing bowl measure out the mincemeat, figs, brandy & walnuts & stir to combine. Next roll out your pastry & cut out 12 rounds with the a large cutter plus 12 stars. Line the tin with pastry, add your mincemeat & top with a star. Beat the egg and give each pie an egg wash before baking for 20 minutes, or until golden on top & cooked underneath. Dust with icing sugar & enjoy with a glass of mulled wine or cider, click here for our Mulling syrup.