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Wasted Kitchen Root Veg Gratin

Read on for our top way to use up random or sad looking root veg that you find in the bottom of your fridge. Vegetable Gratins are the perfect way of making something that tastes delicious & seems luxurious but is made with all kinds of random bits you have hanging around.

Potato, celeriac, parsnip, swede, carrot & sweet potato are all great coked like this. I’m not giving specific quantities in weight as you can just work with what you have. If you have a lot of everything make a large gratin as a main meal, if you have just a few odds & ends make a little side dish to eat with dinner.

Any root veg, scrubbed & sliced (only peel if it’s particularly sad looking)
Any Cheese, grated or sliced
Any Herbs, chopped
Any bread, whizzed up into breadcrumbs
Salt & Pepper
Garlic, crushed or sliced

• Firstly as this is a baked gratin find a suitably sized oven dish or pie tin to use
• Wash & slice the veg as finely as you can, either with a knife, on a mandolin or on the slicing side of a cheese grater. Remember, the thicker your slices the longer it will take to bake to tenderness.
• Slice your veg or veg selection into a bowl, mix through a clove or two of crushed or sliced garlic & the chopped herbs & a generous seasoning of salt & pepper
• Tip the veg into your tin & flatten it out a bit, next pour over a generous amount of double cream, you don’t want your gratin floating in it, but you do want a creamy result that doesn’t taste dry
• Finally add the cheese, random ends of cheese are fine to use here, as is blue cheese or soft cheese like Brie or goats log & top with breadcrumbs
• Baking will be very dependent on the size of what you’ve made, but cooking at 180 start off with 30 minutes as a minimum, check with the tip of a knife to see if your veg is tender, if not return to the oven & check every now & again

Pimp Your Veg even further with these kitchen tips; at Wasted Kitchen we love anything truffled, we like adding cheese with truffles to this bake, try potato with thyme & Brie. Celeriac with potato & rosemary is a great combo. Sweet root veg (like carrot, sweet potato or parsnip) is great with caramelised onions & Gruyere cheese.

Give yourself permission to get experimental, this is quite a forgiving dish, the cream helps to mellow out flavours & anything with lots of garlic, cheese & a crunchy topping always tastes great! Tag us using #WastedKitchen on social media & let us know how you get on….