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Posted: November 28th, 2018 - In Cherry Bomb, Cherry Brandy, Christmas, Cocktails, Coxtails, Coxy’s, Damson & Ginger liqueur, Drinks, Elderflower & Honey liqueur, Gin, Ginger & Honey liqueur, Lavender Gin, Liqueurs, Morello Gin Liqueur, Pink Gin No.1, Raspberry & Rose liqueur, Recipes, Uncategorized, Vegetarian

We often get asked for our top cocktail recommendations & best ways to drink Coxy’s Kent Liqueurs & Gin. So here’s our MightyFine top tipples…

1. Drink liqueurs like Cherry Bomb, Ginger & Honey and Raspberry & Rose simply over ice
2. Top up with tonic or soda, ice & a slice, works with everything, but particularly good with Lavender gin & Pink gin
3. Make a Bellini or Spritz by adding a dash of Coxy’s to a flute glass & top up with sparkling wine

ready to start mixing some cocktails?

4. Mix Coxy’s Morello Gin Liqueur into a Cherry Negroni
5. Try Coxy’s 3 Great Taste Star winning Elderflower & Honey in a Twinkle
6. Give Coxy’s Ginger & Honey liqueur a try mixed into a Whisky Sour
7. We love Gin cocktails, try a Bees Knees or South Side made with Coxy’s Lavender Gin
8. Coxy’s Raspberry & Rose is great drunk in a Bramble cocktail or simply over ice cream
9. Martinis are given a fruity twist with Coxy’s Pink Gin
10. Another absolute classic, try our version of a Mojito made with Ginger & Honey liqueur

Alcohol Free? We use Coxy’s Shrub mixes to drink with soda or mixed into a mocktail for a super fruity non-alcoholic drinks

Find more cocktail & mocktail inspiration on our recipe page.


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