Get Saucy!

Posted: April 25th, 2018 - In Bees, Chilli, Fridge Heros, gifts, Newtons, Sauces, Sweet Chilli & Honey Sauce, Vegetarian

One of our biggest and most consistent sellers are our chilli & honey sauces and we’re often asked what you can do with them. We love it when customers come back & tell us what they’ve made & the ways they use it. So here goes…

Use any of the chilli sauces to marinate meat, fish, veggies, Quorn or tofu for a stir fry or fajitas. Put a bit in when you’re making the stir fry for added flavour (use the leftovers from the marinating).

We suggest putting meat with enough sauce to make sure it’s all got a covering in a plastic bag (without holes) in the fridge overnight. Great with sausages too…

With fish stick to the oilier types – tuna, salmon, sardines. You can get away with 30 minutes marinating with these and Quorn or tofu.

Glazing & Roasting
Just brush it on while the meat/ fish/ veg is cooking and bobs your uncle! Try it on your turkey or ham at Christmas. Roast your veg in it and melt cheese on top…

As a Sauce
It’s called a sauce so it would be against trading standards if it couldn’t be used as, well, sauce. Great on most things… BBQ’d meat, cold meats & left overs, sausages, roast veg, a cheese toastie, scrambled egg and our all time favourite, with Halloumi cheese.

Dip your prawns or spring rolls in it. Mix with cream cheese and dip veggies or chips in it, did we mention prawn crackers or scotch eggs?……

MightyFineThings Honey & Sweet Chilli Sauces


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