MightyFinePair no.1 Sweet Chilli & Honey Sauce with Goat’s Cheese

Posted: June 25th, 2018 - In Bees, Chilli, Fridge Heros, Honey, MightyFinePair, Newtons, Sauces, Sweet Chilli & Honey Sauce, Tasty Snacks, Vegetarian

Welcome to the first in a series of food pairings that we think work perfectly with MightyFineThings products. We make our MightyFine Sweet Chilli & Honey Sauces by hand in small batches using local Kent honey from traceable hives. We love the addition of honey in these sauces, not only does it add that all important sweetness, it adds a mellow depth of flavour that only honey has. We make three different types of Sweet Chilli sauce, Original Sweet Chilli & Honey, Ginger Sweet Chilli & Honey which won us a Great Taste Awards star, plus Mango Sweet Chilli & Honey.

We think Sweet Chilli & Goat’s Cheese is a winning combination, any of the sauces in our range will work, but we chose the Ginger Sweet Chilli & Honey sauce, along with some ripe & oozy St Helen’s goat’s Brie & some artisan seeded crackers. Pretty much any goat’s cheese will work here, you could go for a fresh young French goat’s chèvre or Fremlins Kentish goat’s log from Kent based Ellie’s dairy, which will be fresh tasting with citrus flavours & a nice crumbly texture. A goat’s Brie like St Helen’s, Capricorn goat’s Brie, or Shaggy’s beard again from Ellie’s dairy, will be buttery & creamy & ideally left to ripen up so the flavour develops. But for all you cheddar lovers out there, a goat’s milk cheddar will be fantastic with Sweet Chilli sauce too, try Kelly’s a farmhouse goat’s cheese, the equivalent of Ashmore made by our local Cheesemakers of Canterbury with a strong tangy flavour or Quickes award winning cloth bound goat’s cheddar with a mature, nutty flavour.

As for the crackers, Charcoal crackers make for a really nice colour contrast with the toppings, we always love Peter’s Yard sourdough crackers, Captain’s Crackers from Herne Bay based Zingiberi Bakery are all winners & any seeded cracker adds a nice texture.


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