MightyFinePair no.3

Posted: July 9th, 2018 - In Bees, Cocktails, Coxtails, Coxy’s, Gin Cocktails, Honey, Infusions, Liqueurs

The third in our series of food & drinks pairings is Lavender paired with Lemon, it works so well because Lavender is floral & botanical & the Lemon adds a fresh sharp zesty flavour that prevents the Lavender becoming soapy or cloying.

We think the best way to try this at home is by mixing yourself a Coxy’s Lavender Gin & tonic, we like to use Fevertree tonic, lots of ice, then a wedge of fresh unwaxed lemon which we squeeze into the glass before adding the wedge and giving it a little swirl around to mix.

Good things don’t need to be complicated, so we also suggest you try this winning combination by also mixing yourself a Bees Knees cocktail. Coxy’s twist on this Prohibition era classic is pairing Lavender Gin, fresh lemon juice & our Kent Spiced Honey, to make a simple but sophisticated cocktail. The honey adds sweetness & depth of flavour & makes the cocktail more rounded, trust us it’s a must try. Recipe for Coxy’s Bees Knees cocktail is on our recipe pages now.


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