MightyFineThings Elderflower Vinegar


At MightyFineThings we love big flavours and great ingredients.  Our Wild Elderflower Vinegar is the taste of early summer in a dressing.  Bees-a-buzzing, birds-a-singing; holidays are just around the corner!  

Keep it simple and use it on salad or serve with good bread and a light olive oil.

Buying more than one vinegar or sauce – take advantage of our three for £16 offer and save £2.00.  Also available as a mini (great for testing a range of flavours) or standard size gift set.

e 250ml.

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Apple Cider vinegar, elderflower.

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100ml/ Per serving (15mls/1TBSP):

Energy 92Kj/13.8Kj; 22Kcal/ 3.3Kcal. Fat 0g/0g. Of which Saturates 0g/0g. Carbohydrates 0.9g/0.1g. Of which Sugars 0.4g/0.06g. Fibre 0g/0g. Protein 0g/0g. Salt <0.01g/<0.01g.