Festive Mulling Syrup 250ml


At MightyFineThings we love big flavours and great ingredients. Especially at Christmas!

Our homemade Mulling Syrup is jammed full of festive spices and real orangey zestyness and makes great tasting Mulled Wine, Cider or apple juice, just add and heat.

If cocktails are more your thing how about a Christmas Bellini or Martini – just pour your bubbles, vodka or gin as usual and add a dash of Mulling Syrup.

1 x 250ml

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Sugar, Water, Whole Oranges, Orange Zest, Spices.

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100ml/ Per serving (15mls/1TBSP):

Energy 1276.2Kj/ 191.4Kj; 305.2Kcal/45.8Kcal. Fat <0.5g/<0.5g. Of which Saturates 0g/0g. Carbohydrates 78.9g/11.8g. Of which Sugars 78.2g/11.7g. Fibre 0.34g/0.05g. Protein 0.14g/ 0.02g. Salt 0g/0g.