Christmas Baking Masterclass with GBBO’s Jane Beedle


We all love being ahead of the game, especially when it comes to Christmas.  This year why not join us and do it in true Bake Off style. Join us on Saturday 9th November for a full day of Christmas Baking with the lovely and very talented Jane Beedle (2016 GBBO finalist & Christmas Bake Off Winner) in a small group of just six people.

Come along & learn some of the Janes culinary magic, have a full days Christmas baking, eat & drink delicious food from the Wasted Kitchen Team and go home with

  • An 8” Christmas Cake and baking tin
  • A 2lb Christmas Pudding and pudding basin
  • A big jar mincemeat
  • The smug feeling that you made it all yourself and you’re on the front foot for Christmas

The group is limited to just six people and the price includes

  • A full day of baking with Jane in the Wasted Kitchen located on the beautiful Monkshill Farm between Faversham and Whitstable
  • A glass of Coxy’s Mulled Wine
  • Lunch, snacks, refreshments & treats from Wasted Kitchen and Jane
  • All the ingredients for an 8” Christmas Cake, 2lb Christmas Pudding and 1.5-2kg of mincemeat plus the baking tin for your cake, pudding bowl for Christmas pudding and jars for your mincemeat
  • Time to sit and chat with Jane
  • No washing up!
  • The opportunity to jump the queue with a discount price to join us for ‘The Icing On The Cake’ class in December
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