MightyFine Kent Honey & Cider Mustard


Made with Kent honey & cider to give a great flavour to this traditional condiment. We love to eat it with cold meats and cheese, add to stews and Welsh rarebit, makes an amazing addition to salad dressings & marinades too.

Also available as a gift set with our Spiced Kent Honey.

1 x 210g

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Mustard seeds, Cider Vinegar, Kentish Honey, Kentish Cider, Salt.

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100ml/ Per serving (15mls/1TBSP):

Energy 865.3Kj/129.8Kj; 206.9Kcal/ 31Kcal. Fat 10.9g/ 1.5g. Of which Saturates 0.5g/0.08g. Carbohydrates 22.23g/3.33g. Of which Sugars 12.2g/1.8g. Fibre 5.2g/0.78g. Protein 8.78g/1.3g. Salt 0.76g/0.11g.