Wasted Kitchen ‘All the Trimmings’ Christmas Box


The Wasted Kitchen team are feeling fully festive, we’re cooking up all kinds of freshly made Christmas food to help you get ahead & enjoy yourself. We love cooking so let us take the hassle out of yours and deliver a ready to go ‘All the Trimmings’ box to you on Christmas Eve. It’s like having Christmas Elves with none of the hassle of them hanging around and messing up the kitchen!

All The Trimmings Box, For 2 £20, For 4 £30, For 8 £60

Herby Roast Potatoes (oven ready, tossed in olive oil, fresh rosemary & polenta for crispy spuds)

Spiced Red Cabbage with apple & our Faversham raspberry vinegar (simply heat)

Maple Roast Parsnips and Carrots (oven ready)

Sprouts with Chestnuts and crispy garlic breadcrumbs (oven ready)

Fresh Cranberry & Chilli Sauce

Mulling Syrup (simply add to wine, cider, apple juice & heat, or add a dash to make Christmas cocktails, like Martinis & Spiced G&T’s)

15 in stock

For 2 people

For 4 people

For 8 people