Pimp Your Meat!

Posted: February 20th, 2019 - In Comfort Food, Fridge Heros, Fruit Vinegar, Honey & Cider Mustard, Lazy Foodies, Meals, Meaty, MightyFinePair, Sauces, Sweet Chilli & Honey Sauce

MightyFineThings products & meat go together like Ham & Mustard or Chilli & Chicken, here’s some of our all time faves from the flavour makers at MFT.

Tenderise cuts of beef like skirt steak in Spiced Apple Balsamic vinegar, then griddle to use in epic steak sandwiches (don’t forget the mustard), a stir fry or salad. If you need a bit of comfort food then slow cooked Ox cheek in our Balsamic is the way to go, cooked for 4 hours or more until tender & full of flavour, serve with a big pile of buttery mash.

Pork or Chicken with Sweet Chilli Sauce is a classic combo, coat & bake until sticky, or simply add some into your stir fry towards the end of cooking. It’s also our go to way of pimping up leftover anything! Try cooking sweet & sticky cocktail sausages in Sweet Chilli or our Kent Honey & Cider Mustard, it’s amazing.

Any smoked meat with Raspberry Vinegar is a must try, smoked duck breast served on a green salad & dressed with raspberry vinegar, it’s a match made in heaven! And when it’s Game season, our Damson Vinegar is the one to go for, the fruity plum flavour cuts through the richness of the meat.

Proper carved ham & our wholegrain Kent Honey & Cider Mustard, in crusty bread for lunches or baked into a homemade pie with loads of lovely leeks. Or for the lazy foodies a dollop eaten with a traditional pre-made steak pie, yum!

Making gravy to go alongside your roast? Try deglazing your pan with balsamic vinegar for super saucy sauces. Is your gravy a bit lacking? we’ve all been there, try stirring in a spoonful of our wholegrain mustard to add an instant hit of flavour.


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